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Doctor Using Desktop and Tablet
Doctor Using Desktop and Tablet

Guidedoc is a guideline management platform that allows secure, reliable and instant access to the latest medical and healthcare guidelines.

Our guidelines software is compatible with any device, including smartphones, desktops and tablets. Our multi-device compatibility means GuideDoc is the easiest, fastest and most reliable method to ensure healthcare professionals have access to the latest guidelines and information.

Advantages of GuideDoc

The most recent guidelines

accessible on any phone, tablet or Desktop Computer (fully compatible with both old and new operating systems)

Guidelines can be edited

and updated in real-time across a healthcare organization or a retirement home

Leverage and edit guidelines

from other hospitals, healthcare facilities or retirement homes. Contact our support team for additional information on this feature

Fully automated

member management and access.

Quick, intuitive

and easy setup with access to a dedicated GuideDoc expert (if required)

Modern security features

protections and backup management built into the application

Dissemination reporting

and fully accessible tracking of individual member interaction with documents (if needed)

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For Hospitals

Designed alongside healthcare professionals, Guidedoc lets healthcare administrator(s) create, edit and review guidelines easily and seamlessly. Effortless member management allows a GuideDoc network to grow alongside the evolving staffing requirements of a hospital. As standard, a large volume of Guidelines from prestigious health institutions are available on the platform and can be edited, modified or otherwise adapted to the requirements of your hospital.

For Retirement Homes

GuideDoc makes sure that standardised procedures and guidelines are instantly accessible in retirement homes, care facilities and hospices. Guidedoc creates a secure network that allows instant access to the latest care guidelines ensuring all retirement home staff are referencing the most up-to-date care protocols.

About GuideDoc

GuideDoc was founded to address a growing patient safety challenge that all healthcare institutions, retirement homes and homecare organizations face. GuideDoc helps ensure that doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and caregivers can follow the latest care guidelines. Over 120,000 guidelines have been viewed on GuideDoc in the last 12 months.
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Why GuideDoc

Ease of access

Ease of access to information helps reduce decision time, optimising and streamlining your healthcare professional’s time.

Available on All Devices

GuideDoc is available on any mobile or desktop device and has dedicated iOS and Android Apps for fast, offline access at the point of care.


Innovative and easy to use app design means only relevant information is displayed

Fully automated

Fully automated member database management means members can be added or removed from a private network in seconds

Notification system

Notification system ensures that relevant network members are notified about new or updated guidelines.

Individualised Dashboard

Individualised dashboard means users have instant access to the relevant guidelines.

Essentials Package

Medical Facility/Care Facility/Retirement Homes

  • Unlimited Guidelines
  • Full Phone & Email Troubleshooting Support
  • Up To 20 Members

Essential Package Features

  • Enhanced Search Features
  • Offline Access
  • Nurse, Care Giver, Station Accounts
  • Detailed Reporting
  • New Guidelines and Guideline Edits Notifications & Alerts
  • FastPass system allows for multi-user access without usernames & passwords when on a shared Wifi network

Professional Package

Medical Facility/Care Facility/Retirement Homes

  • Unlimited Guidelines
  • Full Phone & Email Troubleshooting Support
  • Unlimited Members

Professional Package Features

  • Enhanced Search Features
  • Offline Access
  • (Nurse, Care Giver) Station Accounts
  • Detailed Reporting
  • New Guidelines and Guideline Edits Notifications & Alerts
  • FastPass system allows for multi-user access without usernames & passwords when on a shared Wifi network

How Guide Doc Was Developed

GuideDoc was developed in partnership with experts in the medical and care industry.

 Stakeholders in medical facility management and primary caregivers contributed to the design of GuideDoc. This collaborative approach ensures that GuideDoc works on both a managerial and practical level. The primary function of GuideDoc is to facilitate access to up to date and quality information and guidelines which is key to providing optimal care.

GuideDoc’s robust network system allows Guidelines to be easily reviewed and updated and ensures all relevant parties are notified of these updates.

The personalised user dashboard allows primary caregivers to access the latest guidelines, which reduces decision time and optimises the time spent on face to face patient/resident care.

From a management perspective, GuideDoc provides monthly reports regarding what guidelines and information has been accessed and by which user group.

To ensure GuideDoc conforms to the fluid and ever-evolving nature of healthcare Guidelines and protocols, these can be updated within the application. GuideDoc uses document editing tools that will be familiar to anyone who has used a text editor.

GuideDocs FAQ

GuideDoc can share any healthcare guideline or care protocol Examples of information that is currently be shared on the app includes:

  • Medicines Management Guidance
  • Infection Control Protocols
  • Dysphagia and Feeding Information
  • Wound Care Management
  • Guidelines on Nutrition and Diet
  • Management of Medical Emergencies
  • Vaccination Information
  • Contracts Of Care For Nursing Home Residents Issues For Policy And Practice
  • Health and Safety at Work in Residential Care Facilities
  • Care Standards for Nursing Homes

GuideDoc is suitable as an application for clinical and healthcare guidelines for hospitals, retirement homes, medical facilities and end of life care facilities. GudieDoc’s secure and instant access dashboard coupled with its real-time editing and updating features make the platform an ideal solution for any medical or health organisation or facility that wants to streamline their Guidelines access and guideline adoption monitoring.

Yes, GuideDoc can be used as a useful training aid. In retirement homes or medical facilities, new staff members can have instant access to medical guidelines and facility-specific care protocols. GuideDoc can also be used for up-skilling and educating staff and stakeholders on protocol changes or care guideline updates and refinements.